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No 118: Human Resources

A lot of things have changed at Arts Management Network during the last months! Being ourselves involved with investigating new organisational structures and workflow we have decided to focus on employment-related topics in our latest newsletter. We will take a closer look at human resources, which means at the dissonances between different stakeholders, not only highlighting the entrepreneurs perspective but also giving voice to those having not (yet) reached the executive suite today.

Read more about hot topics of debate such as organizations with healthy company culture or our proposal of an Applicants Bill of Rights just as ethical standards for unpaid internships. Furthermore we provide you with an exclusive report about the worlds biggest gathering of arts and culture experts, The 6th World Summit on Arts and Culture in Chile in January 2014.

Stay also tuned for exciting cultural projects, conference reports and interesting features in our portal. We are looking forward to exchange ideas, so please always feel invited to send us your feedback or contributions and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
SPECIAL FOCUS - Human Resources
  • Creating the Company Culture, by James Abruzzo - Page 2
  • The dignity of the job search, by Steven Libman - Page 4
  • Ethical Standards for unpaid internships, by Sonja Ostendorf-Rupp - Page 8
  • Creative Times: new models for cultural development, by Ulla-Alexandra Mattl - Page 10
  • First Survey on the European Cultural Sponsorship Market - Page 14

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