Arts Management Network offers various forms of collaboration with arts management associations and institutions as well as media partnerships with organizers of related events. You can benefit directly from our high, target group-specific awareness and our accompanying reporting before, during, and after your event.
Possible services offered by Arts Management Network for the event organizer:
  • Topic-related input during the preparation phase
  • Free ad on our website, in our journal or newsletter
  • Announcement on our social media channels
  • Additional reach for your Facebook event by adding Arts Management Network as co-organizer
  • Editorial pre- and post-report, with the possibility of being supplemented by a short video, an audio interview, or a photo series.
  • Live conference reporting via Twitter
  • Selected presentations as streams/ livestreams on Facebook or Youtube

Possible support by the event organizer for Arts Management Network:
  • 1-2 free participant seats depending on the size of the event
  • Compensation of travel and accommodation costs
  • The insertion of Arts Management Network promotional material in the conference literature or on display at the conference reception
  • A direct reference to Arts Management Network on the event website, documents, and social media channels
  • Topic-related contributions to our reporting, such as announcements, presentation abstracts, video, photo or audio material before and after the event
The specific service agreements are arranged individually for each event. If you are interested in a partnership, please contact us as early as possible. We would look forward to it! 

Selected past media partnerships