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Indiana University

47405 Bloomington

postgraduate course

Arts Administration

Education type: postgraduate course
Institution: Indiana University
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Duration: 2 years
Study type: on-site studies
Admission requirements
Students who have achieved outstanding undergraduate records in majors such as (but not limited to) music, visual arts, theater and drama, dance or business administration will be considered for admission. Approximately 10-12 students are selected each year, and may enter in the fall semester only. Although a personal interview is not required, it is strongly recommended.
Student selection is based on:

* Academic record (GPA of at least 3.2 out of 4.0)
* Significant management and/or administrative experience in the arts
* Strong letters of recommendation
* GRE scores of over 550 in the verbal, quantitative and analytic categories
* students admitted generally score in the range of 600-650 in each category
* evidence of motivation to work in arts administration
* Excellent writing and communications skills
* Maturity

All letters of inquiry and requests for applications should be directed to the Arts Administration Program
Completed applications (those not completed online), transcripts, GRE scores and all other correspondence related to admission should be sent to the address above. The deadline for receipt of all materials in February 15, and students admitted to the program will be notified by April 15.

Each year, the Arts Administration Program offers a fellowship to the top-ranking first-year student. To be considered, completed applications must be received by February 1. Second year students receive a small stipend to help defray the costs of the internship, and are eligible for the Susan B. Llewellyn Fellowship. Assistantships are usually available in other departments such as Music, Theatre and Drama and the African American Arts Institute. For information on tuition, student loans and work-study, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance, Franklin Hall 208, 601 East Kirkwood Avenue, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405, (812) 855-0321 or visit the University Web site: