NewAud – developing audiences for new music in Europe

Contemporary music is characterized by a quest to meet its audience in new ways. The music frequently incorporates other art forms such as performance, dance or lighting design. It is played not only in traditional concert halls, often the musicians goes in direct dialogue with the audience, and sometimes the concert form is as much a work of art as the scores performed.
NewAud is a project on strengthening such experiments with new concert forms on the international level. The goal of NewAud is to test and demonstrate the future concert forms of contemporary music in a direct cooperation between music ensembles in 17 countries.
31 musical ensembles participate, and will for two years work together cross borders on the many challenges that new concert forms offers. How for example, does one best perform contemporary music for children? How does one involve the audience directly as active participants in the concert? And how do you give the concert a visual expression that matches the content?
NewAud will find answers for these questions through practical experiments.
The 31 ensembles, counting some of Europe's most talented musicians will engage in more than 50 concerts, prepared in close artistic collaborate between ensembles. At the same time the 31 ensembles will through workshops, conferences and direct exchange of experience stand shoulder to shoulder in a learning process being for the benefit not only for themselves but for all the whole contemporary music environment of Europe.
NewAud is - in a nutshell - a learning and experience project, offering its knowledge to everyone with an interest in audience development. The experiences, ideas, cases and best practises of the project will continuously be documented and published - on this website.
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