Impact of Mediation Devices on the Museum Visit Experience and on Visitors’ Behavioural Intentions

This study draws on the experiential approach and has two main goals: to explore the different dimensions of the museum experience regardless of whether it is mediated by mediation devices (e.g., audio guides, interactive terminals, SmartPhones, tablets, augmented reality), and to identify the impact of such devices on visitors behavioural intentions. The authors conduct a qualitative and exploratory investigation to address the following questions: Does the development of such devices affect both experience dimensions and the audiences behavioural intentions? Which components of a museum visit are concerned?
About the authors:
Elodie Jarrier is a PHD student in management sciences under the supervision of Professor Dominique Bourgeon-Renault. Her thesis concerns the impact of mediation devices on the museum visit experience and on visitors behavioural intentions.
Dominique Bourgeon-Renault is a professor at the University of Burgundy. Her research focuses on the marketing of arts and culture with an emphasis on consumer behaviour, market research in the cultural field, and the strategies of arts and culture organizations.

International Journal of Arts Management, VOLUME 15 - n° 1
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