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TIAMSA International Art Market Studies Association Conference 2019

The TIAMSA International Art Market Studies Association Conference 2019 under the topic „The Art Market and the Global South: New Perspectives and Plural Approaches“ will take place in Lisbon 21-22 November 2019. Submission deadline is 31 December 2018.
The International Art Market Studies Association (TIAMSA) is an academic network that brings together scholars from all disciplines as well as art market professionals, collectors and interested individuals.
This conference will discuss the developments, the disruptions and new perspectives that can be observed in the current art market as seen from the Global South – a term here used to refer to emerging economies of the southern hemisphere (South America, Africa, India, South-Eastern Asia, Southern Europe, but not limited to these geographical areas) – and their contribution to the development of art markets worldwide. It will explore the Global South as a thematic frame and through different disciplinary viewpoints in order to re-think the cross-cultural and economic flows and to investigate the various local practices of the art market. Furthermore, it wishes to analyze the Global South as a set of spaces and players affected by the contemporary art trade. In doing so, the conference particularly intends to focus on the rise of new art markets in these regions and their impact on the global art system, its history, its changing processes and its networks – but also on the circulation of art.
The organizers invite proposals from scholars and independent researchers that explore the following themes:
  1. The Global South: the persistence, the contribution and the specificity of the local markets in relation to the dynamics of the global art market;
  2. Southern markets, plural markets, new markets: institutional, commercial and independent structures that legitimize and give visibility to the circulation of the art work; power relationships between biennials and art fairs;
  3. The collecting process: models of collecting, “new” collectors and new private museums (aesthetic tendencies, taste and tensions between private and public structures);
  4. Agents in the art market: circulation and frictions in the art system; the art dealer, the curator and the artist as new agents;
  5. The legal regime of the purchase and sale of works of art, due diligence and the rights of the artists (droit de suite and moral rights);
  6. The crisis: impact and strategies adopted to overcome the art market’s economic crisis after 2008.
Submission guidelines
The conference organizers welcome proposals for 20 minutes presentation in English, which should include:
  • Title of the proposal
  • Applicant’s identification (name, institutional affiliation, country and e-mail)
  • Abstract up to 300 words
  • Short curriculum vitae (up to 200 words)
Proposals must be sent in Word (.doc format) by e-mail to: conference.globalsouth@gmail.com
Deadline and selection process
Proposals must be submitted until 31 December 2018.
The selection will be made by the Scientific Committee, through a double-blind review process. Note of acceptance will be given by April 2019. A selection of the presented papers will be later published in Revista de História da Arte, Série W, a peer-reviewed online journal.
Further information on the Association and the conference can be found here.
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