Call for Topic Proposals

New book series "The Sociology and Management of the Arts"

The Sociology and Management of the Arts is a new book series published by Routledge, with series editors Victoria D. Alexander, Chris Mathieu, and Valerie Visanich. They are seeking manuscripts for the series. The aim is to advance sociological and interdisciplinary research providing contexts for understanding the multifaceted and interwoven factors that characterize the arts in society, in the past, present, and potential futures - with an emphasis on theoretical and empirical issues of contemporary relevance.
This series showcases new empirical work, ground-breaking theoretical approaches, and recent debates within the sociology and management of the arts. Special attention and efforts are made to identify and develop texts that can make long-lasting theoretical and empirical contributions. The series does not emphasise a particular theoretical approach. The editors welcome the breadth of scholarship within the sociology of the arts and arts management.
Consistent with the aims of the series, the theme that links the individual titles is the focus on arts in society. The arts are defined broadly to include traditional fine art, popular and commercial art, folk art, and new forms of digital art, and they provide the gravitational centre of the series, though the approaches in the collection can include everything ranging from production to criticism, expression to economics, curation to consumption, as well as arts management, cultural heritage, urban creativity, and cultural policy. Consideration of the arts in society provides a scope which is broadly sociological, but which values approaches from management and a variety of other disciplines.
Expressions of interest should include your name and contact details, information on the book’s subject, an indicative table of contents, and an estimated completion date of the manuscript and target audience(s). Edited books are appropriate to the series, but we are particularly interested in commissioning research monographs.
Please send, by email, to the three series editors (one email with three recipients): Victoria D. Alexander: v.alexander@gold.ac.uk, Chris Mathieu: christopher.mathieu@soc.lu.se, and Valerie Visanich: valerie.visanich@um.edu.mt.
The editors will contact you with feedback and, should they consider the book topic feasible for the series, with further information (such as the Routledge book proposal form). Please note that all proposals need to go through peer-review and be accepted by Routledge’s board before a publication contract is issued. (The series editors have no role in the peer-review or Routledge’s final decision.)
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