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IFACCA Good Practice Guide launched

IFACCA launched a Good Practice Guide on Arts Advocacy: Advocacy arguments and an overview of national arts advocacy campaign case studies and good practice.
This Guide aims to assist anyone interested in promoting the value of the arts by providing a range of topics that can be developed as persuasive arts advocacy arguments, suggestions about good campaign practice, a selection of arts advocacy campaign case studies, and links to other resources. The Guide incorporates the following:
  • Arts advocacy arguments
  • Arts advocacy campaigns
  • Types of Campaigns
  • Good Campaign Practice
  • Key Findings
  • Case studies
  • Case studies using social media
in oder to provide examples of more contemporary campaigns that have used social media technologies, IFACCA commissioned freelance digital and social producer, Elliott Bledsoe (Australia), to compile five additional case studies for inclusion in this Good Practice Guide, and Mauricio Delfn, Director of culturaperu.org (Peru), provided a case study on mascultura.pe. Furthermore Randy Cohen (USA), John Holden (UK) and Jordi Balt (Spain) gave permission to quote their work in this guide. It is edited by Sarah Gardner, Executive Director, IFACCA.

The Arts Advocacy Topic Page on the IFACCA website includes news, events, publications and resources relating to arts advocacy, and is available at www.ifacca.org/topic/arts-advocacy-arguments/

IFACCA is interested in expanding on the information already available on this topic and welcome input on other international, national and regional campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the arts. To contribute, you can contact IFACCA at info@ifacca.org. The full guide is available here: media.ifacca.org/files/AdvocacyGPGwebDec2013.pdf
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