Aida for Sale on Ebay

Amsterdam, March 12th. The epic opera, Aida, has been up for sale on eBay since yesterday, including all of its magnificent set pieces, stage props and hundreds of unique costumes, for a cast of 500 performers. Peter Kroone, who has produced countless large scale 360° opera productions and is the owner of Companions Opera Amsterdam, is retiring from the industry. Peter Kroone has produced a considerable number of large-scale operas around the world. A few examples include: Rotterdam (where it all started), Paris, Munich, Shanghai & Zurich. Many of these operas sold out, selling more than 1 million tickets. Peter Kroone was unable to find a successor for his productions within his own network. He is therefore offering all his unique productions for indoor arenas and stadiums for sale. "It pains me greatly to leave the industry, but productions like Aida cannot be produced in a year. Productions at this level require a 3 to 5 year commitment, which I am no longer able to give. The time has come for me to do other things in life. My successor must be an opera lover like I am, or an entertainment entrepreneur who sees this product as an opportunity to expand into new territories and markets. I have not yet found a successor, but the world out there is big and who knows.... Maybe there is someone out there like me, who wants to bring opera to a broader audience. This is why I have chosen to announce my retirement and the sale of my productions on eBay. It would be a shame if the productions disappeared."
Aida, and other epic opera productions by Peter Kroone, will be on sale on eBay until the 20th of March.
The announcement of 'Peter Kroones operas on eBay signifies the end of a unique period. Kroone has produced high quality productions for the last 20 years, with audiences ranging from 7.500 to 80.000 per performance. The productions all received critical acclaim from the press and the public. Kroone's operas attracted both 'opera connoisseurs' as well as audiences that were new to opera. His productions have become the norm on how musical quality and imaginative sets, props and costumes should be put together in a non-theatre setting. Kroone states: "all original set pieces and props as well as the countless costumes, will be for sale. These items will be offered per opera, in the hope that someone will continue to produce these productions. It is a myth that opera is only for small, educated audiences this has been proven by my productions. I am confident my successor will be able to captivate a whole new audience thanks to my materials and the current techniques and marketing strategies. The set pieces, props and costumes from the following operas will be for sale: Aida, Carmen, Nabucco, Traviata, Turandot, Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliaccia, Rigoletto and Trovatore.
The eBay auction ends on the 20th of March at 21:00 hrs CET: http://goo.gl/MXmGU
More information can be found on: www.operaforsale.com
About Peter Kroone & Companions Opera Amsterdam
Peter Kroone was born in 1954 and studied 17th century Dutch Literature in Amsterdam. It was during his studies that he first tried his hand at entrepreneurship by organizing local events and cultural trips. Then, in 1985, he and Jos van Assendelft started a consulting business for communication strategy. The Companions Amsterdam was founded in 1991, and was headed by Peter Kroone from 1993 onwards. He started to specialize in marketing (large-scale) events, so that companies would connect in a more emotional way with their target audiences.
Peter Kroone has always been a lover of classical music, and in particular of opera. His hobby became a business in 1993, when he began presenting opera in a completely different and radical manner. He made opera accessible to over one million visitors by producing the most famous operas in the round in indoor sport arenas and stadiums. Peter Kroone is retiring from the industry, but will continue his consulting business by advising investors wishing to participate in large scale events or tours.
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