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No 98: Education

As an educational major, it has been possible to study cultural management for nearly the past 50 years. Just looking at our education guide online, you will quickly get an overview of just how many degree programs there are currently in this area worldwide. This in turn has contributed to the fact that many students go abroad now to study, thereby making cultural industries increasingly international. It also leads us to ask the following questions: what are the different programs available and which subjects are important for students? Moreover, which fields of research are being developed in result of these teachings and in what ways has cultural management profited from such degree programs? These are just some of the questions we would like to investigate in the latest issue of Arts Management Newsletter.
We also held an interview with Brett Egan, the director of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. His institute, which was established in 2001, received a grant of $22.5 million to help support their training of fellows and students studying arts management. In our interview, Brett Egan discusses the story behind this astonishing grant, as well as how the recent economic crisis has influenced education.

Moreover, a North American perspective can be found in a report by Michael Wilkerson, Sherri Helwig, and Ximena Varela, whose schools in Washington and Toronto are members of the Association of Arts Administration Education (AAAE).

Once again, this issue of the bi-monthly Arts Management Newsletter focuses on one specific subject, addressing specific and important developments of our fascinating branch. We hope that these specific themes assist you in your studies and work. Not only would we greatly welcome your feedback about specific contributions, we would also like to offer you the chance to use the Arts Management Network as a means to publish your own articles. There is hardly any other platform that is so international and wide reaching as ours.
  • Interview with Brett Egan, DeVos Institute of Arts Management - Page 3
  • Widening perspectives - Page 8
  • Arts as Cultural Diplomacy - Page 13
  • Interview with Dirk Heinze, Arts Management Network - Page 16

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