Arts Management Quarterly

No 130: Cultural Leadership

Arts management is an increasingly international and transcultural field of work where there are no concepts and definitions of Cultural Leadership valid and applicable to everyone. Therefore, this issue of Arts Management Quarterly wants to show different perceptions characterized by specific working realities, professional biographies and regional contexts.
Most approaches on Cultural Leadership come from the Western academic hemisphere. But every country and arts sector is shaped by different experiences and circumstances. This is why personal und subjective perceptions by practitioners and researchers are the focus of this issue. Cultural Leadership is thereby both happily embraced and rejected.
But despite these differences, all contributions show a development towards a community-oriented understanding of Cultural Leadership that does not have to be neutral or universal, but is aware of its subjectivity and on that base can help fostering relationships, shared beliefs and common goals in international arts management.
FOCUS - Cultural Leadership
  • Mapping the meanings of Cultural Leadership - Johan Kolsteeg and Martin Zierold, page 6
  • Cultural leadership deconstructed. Practicing excellence and celebrating mistakes - Olga Kolokytha, page 12
  • Cultural Leadership from a non-Western perspective - Carmen Jaimes Aldave, page 17
  • Walking the Failure - Madhavan Pillai, page 24
  • Cultural Leadership community generated - Ruth Cherrington and Petya Koleva, page 28
  • A leader is nothing without followers - Kim Goodwin, page 35
  • Cultural Leadership as Stewardship - Aleksandra Webb, page 42
  • Reading Tips: Martin Zierold, page 5

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