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No 128: Quality in Arts Management

Quality in the cultural field is mostly related to the artistic product. But how about the services and administration of arts organisations? How can they be defined, quantified and measured taking into account the perspectives of the different artistic sectors, institutions and countries? With this issue of Arts Management Quarterly, we shed light on existing approaches and inspire new ideas. And because we also want to offer the best possible services to our readers, we currently thoroughly overhaule our own services and are happy to already present you the new design of our journal with this issue.
Arts institutions have to o er high quality services to their stakeholders be it visitors, funders, politicians, students or colleagues. But how can arts managers take into account the multitude understandings of quality in the different artistic sectors, arts institutions and countries? And how can quality be measured with objective and evidence-based methods or indicators? We cannot provide you a general framework that can be applied to every possible scenario. But we hope that this issue of Arts Management Quarterly can contribute some new ideas to rethink quality beyond artistic excellence and mere visitor numbers.

To secure up-to-date quality beyond the arbitrariness of us as individuals, we warmly invite you to give us your opinion! How do you like our new design? What experiences have you had with "Quality in Arts Management"? Or maybe you would also like to share your reading tips or impression of your working world with us for one of the next issues? We are looking forward to all of it.
SPECIAL FOCUS - Quality in Arts Management
  • Reading Tips: Raphaela Henze, page 4
  • Combating the crisis with creative forces - Jennifer Tharr, page 6
  • Redefining notions of Quality in Participatory Arts - Rachel Blanche, page 12
  • How Can One Measure the Quality and Merits of Cultural Services? - Anastasiya Saprykina and Markus Wyler, page 18
  • Conceptualizations of Quality in Arts Management Education - Brea Heidelberg, page 25

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