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No 120: Arts and Culture in the Near East

The Tower of Babel or the Arabian Nights: The cultural background of the historical Near East seems almost magical. The contrast with its modern counterpart could hardly be more striking, where armed conflicts and religious fervour alternate with western oriented luxury. But how about Arts and Culture during this times of crisis, conflicts and change?
The countries of the Levante, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, which are subsidenced with the term Near East, correlate with this contrast. Except for their affiliation to Islam and Arabic as the official language they do not have much in common.

Therefore, an important starting point for a common peaceful and tolerant fundament is the multifaceted cultural background. In own artistic forms it reflects current issues and shows past togetherness as well as different views of politics and identity. To further develop this process, to reach people and fulfill these objectives in times of social change, academic expertise, flexibility, and openness in arts management are necessary.

As the Near East is also an important background of Christmas, we wish you happy holidays.
SPECIAL FOCUS - Arts and Culture in the Near East
  • Archaeology and Preservation of the Past in the Near East. Margarete van Ess - Page 2
  • Heritage Sites in Jordan. Ursula Rothe - Page 6
  • Theatre in Iraq between big ideas and weak structures. An Interview with Hella Mewis - Page 10
  • Sharjah. A small Emirate with big art. Gabriele Landwehr - Page 14
  • Rebuilding Music in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan National Instituteof Music (ANIM). Allegra Boggess, William Harvey and Ahmad Sarmast - Page 18
  • Cultural Management in the Arab world. Stefan Winkler and Franziska Faltin - Page 22

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