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No 114: Opera Houses - USA vs. Germany

Do US-American Opera Houses operate more efficiently than German ones? Mounir Mahmalat, who studied at the Northeastern University in Boston, USA, as well as in Dusseldorf, Germany, investigated on the basis of twelve opera houses in both countries, if German institutions might take an example on US-American performing arts organizations who are said to operate in a more entrepreneurial manner. You can read this case study exclusively in our latest issue of the Arts Management Newsletter, the bi-mohthly magazine for the global perspective on arts and business.
Furthermore we can provide inside views with two totally different interviews. Our correspondent Kira Potowski met Koh Won-seok, an art curator in Seoul, who actually work for the new Arko Art Center in the capitol of South Korea. He takes our attention to a number of smaller Asian countries with art markets, which grow along the economic boom. Nikos Tsouchlos, the artistic adviser of the most important concert hall in Greece, underlines the current situation and role of the arts in a country, which suffer massively from the continuing economic and financial crunch. But Tsouchlos describes in the interview with Sven Scherz-Schade, how new practices can flourish and the roles of sociability and sharing are being re-examined.
Last but not least we published a call for paper about dispositions of cultural funding. The German Association for Cultural Management hope for international contributions to the next annual conference in Kufstein, Austria.
SPECIAL FOCUS - Opera Houses - USA vs. Germany
  • Interview with Koh Won-seok, curator at Arko Art Center Seoul, South Korea
  • Interview with Nikos Tsouchlos, artistic advisor of the Megaron Concert Hall in Athens, Greece
  • Do US-American Opera Houses operate more efficiently than German ones?
  • CfP - Dispositions of Cultural Funding

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