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No 109: Positive Impulses

All the worlds a crises? The real estate bubble, government depts, economic weakness and/or bank runs ... Many people are cheesed of those bad news. Is the art sector the last paradise? Yes and no. Yes, because the arts and creative sector is a value on its own, and a driving force for the growth of regions and countries. No, because many cultural institutions come under economic pressure so far.
In this scenario, isnt it time to give impulses for the future? We will do so with our special "Positive Impulses" this month. Even from Greece, where last month at the 3rd Kufstein Summer School young professionals worked on in- novation strategies in the arts. The aim was to reflect about the role of arts management within an economic crisis like now in, but not limited to Greece. We publish the summary paper exclusively in this newsletter issue.
We like to give solutions like new technologies which engaging new audi- ences and revolutionizing the mechanics of fundraising. Those solutions came, for example, from the Resource Alliance, the global network for fundrais- ing, based in London, UK. For the latest developments in German fundrais- ing experiences, our correspondent Zenaida des Aubris reports from the 19. Annual Fundraising Congress in Berlin.
In Bergen, Norway, there has been celebrated the 60th anniverary of the Euro- pean Festivals Association. EFA connects over 100 festivals of all kinds across 42 countries extending far beyond the borders of Europe. We publish an exclu- sive report, written by Kerstin Schilling and Kathrin Deventer.
Germany is currently experiencing a lively debate about the future of funding for the arts. The reason for this was the book Der Kulturinfarkt. An inside view on the discussions we provide in this issue, too.
SPECIAL FOCUS - Positive Impluses
  • Innovating Culture - Page 2
  • Cultural Value - Page 9
  • Seize the Day - Page 14
  • 19th German Fundraising Congress - Page 17
  • 60 Anniversary of European Festivals Association - Page 21
  • Cultural Heart Attacks - Page 25

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