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No 105: Cultural Tourism

In this issue we deliver news and background stories from Denmark, Russia, South Korea and the United States. But the perspective is not a national, but a global one. First of all, Peter Tarlow from Texas shares his ideas about the relationship between arts and tourism with us. Many cities, Dr. Tarlow considers, have not taken advantage of either the cultural side of the arts or the commercial side. But nearly each city have a local art scene, which could be an additional value for the community, if you include them in your tourism marketing concept. Tarlows main idea is about creating a co-operative atmosphere between the arts and tourism communities.
We won, at second, Jim Volz, the author of several theater management publications, to publish an exerpt from his latest book: How to run a theatre. Volz introduces practical tools and know-how about Strategic Time, Life and Office Management - not only useful for professionals in theaters, but in all cultural organisations
We report about a conference in South Korea, where creating and producing methods have been discussed methods who are applying space, sound, media and technologies in a creative way. Creativity was also an issue at the Russian-British Creative Economy Forum some days ago. Leading UK and Russian experts in the development of creative economy policy joined together in Moscow to build relationships between the two nations in this emerging area for business and cultural exchange. And exchange is an important driving force for those, who come to WOMEX, the most important international professional market for world music, will be taking place at the end of October in Copenhagen, Denmark.
SPECIAL FOCUS - Cultural Tourism
  • The Arts and Tourism - Page 2
  • How to run a theater - Page 5
  • New Approach to Creation - Page 10
  • Russian-British Creative Economy Forum - Page 14
  • WOMEX 11 in Copenhagen - Page 16

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