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The General Meeting of the European Festivals Association, held in Wroclaw end of October, hosted by the International Festival Wratislavia Cantans, took unanimously the historical decision, after having celebrated the 50th anniversary of the foundation of EFA by a jubilee festival in 2002, to relocate the main office from Coppet (Switzerland) to Ghent/Brussels (Belgium) in 2004.
Can we translate the good news of Chorus Americas chorus impact study into larger audiences for choral music?

by Ellen Rosewall
The Business of Music. 11th IAMA International Conference
Friday 20 - Sunday 22 April, 2001
Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Germany

The International Artist Managers' Association (IAMA) was proud to be in Leipzig first time to hold the 11th annual international conference entitled "The Business of Music".
Leading artist managers and concert agents from UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany, France and other countries has been talking about the current business of classical music and its future development facing new technologies, less customers and audiences and other important challenges. The delegates has felt inspired from the warm athmosphere to improve the knowledge about the business and refresh friendships with long talks between the sections. The network was there and could building up interesting contacts to raise its services, too.
A way to ascertain trustworthiness and gain new financial backers

A 10-year old non-governmental organisation (NGO) backing young emerging artists from 54 cities in Canada and producer of leading musical events in Montreal on jazz, rock-signing and expressive arts was the first non-profit organisation in North America to get a fiduciary rating.

Faites de la Musique!FDM ("Make Music!") is based in Montreal and was created by Annie Vidal, the founder of the Chic Resto Pop, a chain of restaurant serving homeless and poor people. FDMs key mission is to provide a wider access to culture by helping young emerging talents to take off in the music industry. "Music is what makes a whole generation tick, says Ms Vidal who launched FDM in 1993 during Montreals 300th anniversary celebration. Over 1250 artists so far have participated in one of FDMs leading events: Francouvertes ("French discoveries"), an annual competition attracting 200 young singing talents over a period of four months November through February, Évidemment Jazz ("Jazz, naturally"), an off-beat 2-week event drawing 50 local artists just before Spring, and Espaces émergents, a multicultural event gathering 200
The paper takes a closer look at cultural festivals such as musical or operatic festivals. From an economic viewpoint the paper shows that such festivals offer great artistic and economic opportunities, but that at the same time these opportunities are also easy to destroy.
Jody Doherty, the Pittsburgh Symphony's vice-president of public affairs, is quoted by web-based as saying that the anticipated deficit of "at least 750,000" cannot be confirmed until "later this month [when] the orchestra closes out its books." One problem is that the symphony's endowment, heavily " invested in the stock market," plummeted in value from $130-million "two years ago" to its present value of less than $100-million. Since the symphony is reportedly limited to withdrawing no more than 6.5 percent out of its endowment each year, the stock market decline has decreased the amount of endowment money that can go towards their "operating budget of $30 million." Another contributing factor to this year's deficit is that this year's ticket sales were $450,000 lower than anticipated.

Last year the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra had a $200,000 deficit, according to the At the time the symphony "went through a restructuring in which 10 administrative positions were eliminated." The symphony has not decided on a course of action to "reduce or eliminate the [current] deficit," Doherty reportedly stated.