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The 17th international conference of the International Artist Managers' Association took place in London from 12-14 April 2007 at the Royal College of Physicians. Attracting a record 410 registrations from 33 countries places, this meeting of artist managers, promoters, presenters, festivals, opera houses and orchestras makes it a priority event in the diaries of leading organisations and management companies.

The annual conference of the Association of British Orchestras (ABO) 2007 was hold during January 18-20 2007, in Manchester, UK.

The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) represents the musicians in Americas major orchestras. Unionized orchestral musicians are highly trained, artistic professionals. In recent years, the United States Supreme Court has classified many professional workers as managers or supervisors. In so doing, the Court has diminished professional workers right to unionize because managers and supervisors are not protected by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). One interpretation of this jurisprudence is that collective bargaining agreements currently covering certain orchestral musicians actually violate the NLRA. By endangering orchestral musicians collective bargaining rights, the Court may inadvertently have placed American orchestras in jeopardy.
New Jersey Symphony Orchestra sells its collection of renowned Golden Age Collection of string instruments due to its financial deficit.
In Canada there is no official equivalent to The National Standards for Music Education. However, The Canadian Band Association has recently developed a similar document entitled National Voluntary Curriculum and Standards for Instrumental Music (Band).
This paper will try to show how the development of a vibrant and active music industry in Cape Verde can provide this country with a medium for long term economic growth and development. It uses a few case studies to illustrate this point: Senegal, Austin, and Jamaica. Finally, it provides a way forward for what should be the key elements of a strategy that Cape Verdeans should develop to brand and build a globally competitive Cape Verdean Music industry.
In January 2006, Nettwerk declared to support a fan all the fee to go to court she had downloaded more than 600 songs in her computer - one of songs named Download the Song.

What did Terry McBride, CEO of Nettwerk Music Group advocate for this case? And what were his new strategies for music management to ameliorate the suffering industries? Was he successful?

Hong Kong, 7 February 2007... The China International Music Market (CIMM), scheduled for 17 - 20 May 2007 in Beijing, has received widespread support from the musical products industry, and attention from the professional media both in China and all over the world since its launch in August 2006. The fair's organizing committee, comprised of the China Music Instrument Association (CMIA), NAMM, the International Music Products Association, INTEX Shanghai and Messe Frankfurt, has been actively promoting the fair since this time, and have received a great deal of positive feedback about the event concept.
Turn on the television and switch to a music channel. All you will see are big superstars with new hits. Tune in to the radio and all you will hear are the same songs over and over again. The music you hear is all very much the same. What happened to creativity? It looks like new, innovative and creative music is not given a chance to flourish. There are however hundreds of thousands of musicians in this world who are bound to create beautiful new music. The majority of them might never be discovered. Whether it is because of the corporate control of the music industry, lack of money or other factors; these musicians should be given a chance to expose their music
Philharmonia Orchestra launced the first virtual orchestra to make music accessible. Specially designed cube seats activate when sat upon, and each box "plays" a different instrument. The seats have been laid out in an orchestra arrangement so that participants can experience how being in an orchestra sounds.
A Band-Formatted Art Project

Danius is an Australian artist carrying out a residency program in Yogyakarta in cooperation between Asialink Australia and Cemeti Art Foundation (CAF) Yogyakarta and also supported by Arts Victoria and the Australia Indonesia Institute. He has fulfilled his residency from December 1, 2005 until March 27, 2006. Although his basis is sculpture but he works more on site specific installation during his art career. Along with some colleagues in several occasions of residencies in other countries, he created bands namely Lion Grion, Slave Piano, and Histrionics by performing definitely different kinds of music one another; Lion Grion in ska music, Slave Piano with orchestra concept, and Histrionics parodying famous songs and inserting lyrics in visual arts theme.
In Fall 2005, the American Symphony Orchestra League is offering informational interview opportunities across the country. These interviews are designed to give you a one-on-one opportunity with an experienced orchestra manager to explore career options, career paths and training programs - including the Orchestra Management Fellowship Program.
Friday, July 08, 2005 - The new state budget allocates $2.25 million to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the largest amount a state agency has given to the performing arts group in recent history.
The choice of Prague as the place to hold the IAMA conference in 2005 is in many respects symbolic. Fifteen years after the restoration of democracy in central Europe and after the recent, considerable expansion of the European Union, the time has come also for IAMA to cross the shadow of the former Iron Curtain.
RIP-OFF Ireland has reached the opera house. Wexford Festival is hiring an eastern European orchestra because it says that the local equivalent is 150,000 more expensive.
While the government last week established Culture Ireland, an agency to promote Irish art overseas, one of the countrys premier cultural events is now outsourcing its music to Poland and its singing to Prague.
In a memo last year to the Arts Council, which provides almost 1m funding to Wexford each year, the festival said it wouldnt be using RTEs National Symphony Orchestra because of the cost...
The proposition is that arts marketing should be conceived of as a dedicated field of endeavour so that consumers immersion in the artistic experience occurs even in the case of a difficult art work.
This is an ideal role for someone wishing to gain work experience in arts administration with the UK's leading period instrument orchestras...
The 14th International Conference of the International Artist Managers Association was held from 15 to 17 April in Genoa. Since this event took place in Italy for the first time ever, the conference has been given as main topic The Mediterranean Perspective in Arts management, focusing on arts managers contributions from Greece, Lebanon, and Sicily. In addition, IAMA management offered breakout sessions on Opera dissemination, Corporate Social Responsibility and Audience development. Italian flair succeeds: most of the about 400 delegates used these days on the rainy Mediterranean coast not only for chatting about Arts management but even more for talking business.
This work was carried out by the Research Center for Arts and Culture at Columbia University's Teachers College, under a cooperative agreement between the National Endowment for the Arts and the San Francisco Study Center. The data here represent the answers of Jazz musicians in New Orleans and the aggregated answers of jazz musicians in the 3 study cities. They cover questions regarding income, employment, teaching and mentoring, professional development, professional representation, union membership and personal and professional considerations.
While the Detroit Symphony Orchestra continues to bask in the glow of its new $60-million cultural palace, a sudden surge of red ink revives chilling memories of the bad old days.

The DSO will announce an operating deficit of nearly $2 million on a $28-million budget at its annual meeting of members on Wednesday, according to people with knowledge of the orchestra's finances.