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Association Palazzo Spinelli

50122 Florence

postgraduate course

Master in Exhibitions Management

Education type: postgraduate course
Institution: Association Palazzo Spinelli
Degree: Master
Fees: 7.800
Admission requirements
The course is reserved to:
1) graduated people of the vecchio ordinamento didattico (before the University reform of the Academic Year 2001/2002) in Lettere, Storia e Conservazione dei Beni Culturali, Operatori dei Beni culturali, Architettura and similar graduation.
2) Graduated people of the nuovo ordinamento didattico in every graduation of the group Scienze dei beni culturali Tecnologie per la conservazione e il restauro dei Beni Culturali, Conservazione e restauro del patrimonio storico-artistico, Storia dellarte and similar graduation. But also everyone who is graduatd in Scienze per il turismo per I beni culturali, Economia del Territorio del Turismo, Comunicazione e gestione nei mercati dellarte e della cultura and similar graduation.
3) Graduated people in other graduation courses with previous assessment from the comitato Scientifico.
4) Everyone who has a General Certificate of Education who has had a working experience, at least for three years in the interested field.
5) The access is granted to every student who has achieved an equal degree in a foreign University.

In order to enrol in a training or advanced course, student have to send an Admission Form which will be examined by the Admission Office of the Institute.
The Admission Form must be contain a copy of the CV (it is also important for the practical internship ).
The send of the Admission Form does not oblige to the admission, neither in case of acceptance of the application by the Institute.
If the application is accepted, the student must complete his/her enrolment sending to the Secretary of the Institute (Borgo S. Croce, 10 50122 Firenze) the following documents:
1) a duly signed copy of Administrative Regulations.
2) a copy of the receipt of the first payment.
3) copy of his/her educational qualifications.
4) copy of an ID document.
5) two passport-size photos and a digital photo

The enrolment is complete only after the receipt of the Administrative Regulations duly signed. The Secretary will send to the applicants the Official Certificate of Admission by post .

The total annual participation amount for the Academic Year is made of four instalments having the same amount that must be paid on the following maturities:

1st instalment, when the registration is made official
2nd instalment, when the course starts
3rd instalment, at the beginning of the second month of the course
4th instalment, at the beginning of the third month of the course
Exam tax (300 euros), two months before the exam

The payment of the first instalment can be made at the Administrative Secretariat or by postal order addressed to: Palazzo Spinelli per lArte e il Restauro, Borgo Santa Croce 10 50122 Firenze.