Event organizer
Russian National Committee of the International Council of Museum (ICOM)
Lavrushinskiy lane 3/8, bld.2
119017 Moscow
Russian National Committee of the International Council of Museum (ICOM) ICOM Russia


Heritage Interpretation: the Power of Storytelling in Museums

Start: 2019-06-27 10:00
End: 2019-06-29 18:00
Location: Russian Federation
Place: St. Petersburg
Fee: none
The conference "Heritage Interpretation: the Power of Storytelling in Museums" is organized by ICOM Austria, ICOM Russia, ICOM Czech Republic, ICOM Slovakia, ICOM Switzerland with the support of International Council of Museums and St. Petersburg Committee for Culture.
Date: June 27 - 29th, 2019 Location: St. Petersburg, Russian Federation (The State Hermitage Museum, Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum, St Isaac's Cathedral State Museum)
The conference will discuss how museums are aiming to benefit society, as they are cultural hubs invigorating communities at a local but also international level. As cultural storytellers, museums can be powerful agents of change, but to do so, we need to tell inclusive stories that break through the barriers that divide us. Often if different perspectives are brought together, the acceptance of this contested history is the first step for promoting peaceful relationships between people. Museums can encourage this process and are playing an active role in addressing traumatic histories or controversial topics. So what are the keys to creating the inclusive museum? What kind of new perspective or awareness should be conveyed to the visitors? What stories should be told and who is telling them?