Event organizer
Heilbronn University
Daimlerstraße 35
74653 Künzelsau
Prof. Dr. Raphaela Henze


Democratizing the arts and the arts sector. Annual Gathering of the Brokering Intercultural Exchange Network

Start: 2019-05-23 00:00
End: 2019-05-25 00:00
Location: Heilbronn University
Place: Schwäbisch Hall and Künzelsau, Germany
Fee: 60 €
Brokering Intercultural Exchange is an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded Network of researchers, policy-makers, and arts and cultural management practitioners who are interested in developing greater critical discourse on the contribution of arts and cultural management to intercultural understanding. The network creators wish that, together, we can reflect on the historical, institutional, and social dimensions of intercultural activities that take place within the reals of arts and cultural management practice and education.
This year's Annual Gathering with researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners from sixteen different countries (among them as keynote speakers J.P. Singh and Kim-Marie Spence) will explore four main topics:
  • Managing Democracy through a Discourse of Diversity
  • Facilitating, Packaging or Fostering Democracy through Education and Training: Inclusive Leadership or Contradiction
  • Democraticing the arts practice
  • Matters of inequality and inclusion/exclusion seen through the lens of digitalization