Sergey Skaterschikov

Skate's Art Investment Handbook

Publisher: Kunst AM
ISBN: 3200007494
Number of pages: 289
Publishing Date: 2006-11-01
Branch: art market & exhibition halls
Category: book (hardcover)
First Guide for Buying & Selling World's Most Expensive Art

KunstAM GmbH, Austria released Skate's Art Investment Handbook, an unbiased investment guide to buying and selling the world's most expensive art, in October 2006. The book was first released in Russia with sponsorship from Deutsche Bank in 2005 after being written as a guide for Russia's newly wealthy, who are currently among the art world's most significant buyers. After selling out within six months of publication there, it was expanded to serve a broader international market.

Skate's Art Investment Handbook demystifies the process of art investing and suggests an approach as to how rational investment strategies can be employed, as well as cases when such strategies for various reasons do not work. Using a combination of proprietary editorial and aggregated statistical data, Skate's Art Investment Handbook describes a rational approach to investing in art with valuation drivers and market statistics, an analysis of how the art market compares to other investment markets, and a special supplement carrying the ratings of the worlds 1000 most expensive artworks and 50 most valuable artists.
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