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Joris Janssens

(Re)framing the International. On new ways of working internationally in the arts

Publisher: Flandern Arts Institute
Number of pages: 92
Publishing Date: 2018-10-15
Branch: intersectorial
Category: journal (ebook)
In this pocket publication Flanders Arts Institute examines new ways of working internationally in the arts. Joris Janssens collects insights and light bulb moments from the research & development trajectory (Re)framing the International. For many years, working internationally has been self-evident in music, visual arts and performing arts. But discomfort is growing. With the economic pressure, inequality and precarity are increasing. Geopolitical turbulences and ecological concerns strip our assumptions of their innocence.
How to understand these trends? What is the actual value and significance of working internationally in the arts, in a shifting societal context? Which frictions and contradictions occur? Which answers or alternatives are being developed? How can we imagine new ways of working internationally?
In the series of kunstenpockets Flanders Arts Institute shares insights from current research projects.
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