Phil Graham

Music, Management, Marketing, and Law: Interviews Across the Music Business Value Chain

Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783030021429
Number of pages: 246
Publishing Date: 2019-03-14
Branch: music
Category: book (hardcover)
This collection of interviews captures a period of historic change for the global music business along with a wealth of professional knowledge that extends from the late 1960s through to late 2012 when the interviews were conducted. They record the experiences and insights of people who helped to shape a global business that is quickly passing into history and transforming into something entirely new, often because of decisions the interviewees have been directly involved in making. The material includes the aesthetic, artistic, technical, commercial, legal, and strategic aspects of the music industry. What is said is timeless in its historical significance for the music business and in its relevance for researchers engaged in studies on the dynamics of change in the global commercial music landscape.
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