Ian W. King, Annick Schramme (eds.)

Cultural Governance in a Global Context: An International Perspective on Art Organizations

Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331998859X
Number of pages: 343
Publishing Date: 2019-02-04
Branch: intersectorial
Category: book (hardcover)
This book explores the character of cultural governance of arts and cultural institutions in eight countries across five continents. Examining strategy and decision-making at an organisational level, this is the first empirical contribution on cultural policy and management, revealing how it is applied across the globe in otherwise unexplored countries. Concerned with the assumption that `one-size fits all', the chapter authors analyse how cultural governance is managed within arts organizations in a range of countries to assess whether some locations are trying to apply unsuitable models. The chapters aim to discover and assess new practices to benefit the understanding of cultural governance and the arts sector which have as yet been excluded from the literature. As a collection of local accounts, this book offers a broad and rich perspective on managing cultural governance around the world.
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