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How will technology change the arts world? Who owns what in the information age? How will museums survive in the future? The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society has supplied answers to these kinds of questions for over twenty-five years, becoming the authoritative resource for arts policymakers and analysts, sociologists, arts and cultural administrators, educators, trustees, artists, lawyers, and citizens concerned with the performing, visual, and media arts as well as cultural affairs. Articles, commentaries, and reviews of publications address marketing, intellectual property, arts policy, arts law, governance, and cultural production and dissemination, always from a variety of philosophical, disciplinary, and national and international perspectives.
The Journal addresses a wide range of legal issues involving intellectual property, communications, contracts, constitutional law, taxation, and insurance as they relate to music, theatre, sports, dance, literature, architecture and the visual arts.

2 issues per year
Improving the Performance of Sponsorship aims to provide a complete overview of the general principles of sponsorship to senior managers and marketers. It is also be one of the first viable upper level specialist texts for the teaching of sponsorship.

Ardi Kolah BA, LL.M, FCIM, FIPR, FRSA Chartered Marketer
Master of Laws (LLM), Director of the Institute of Public Relations, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. One of Europes leading marketing and communication practitioners.
The Culture-Gates study began in January 2002 and was finalised in Spring 2003.

Research teams were assembled in Austria, Finland, Germany and Portugal to investigate the gate-keeping systems in their respective cultural labour markets and the impact that gate-keepers have on the career development of women and their aspiration to hold decision-making positions. The results of these research studies are examined in comparison.


ARCult Media, Bonn 2003, 401 pages