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Zenaida des Aubris

is Consultant for International Cultural Events. She has over 30 years experience in management and production of classical music in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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Report Connected Audiences Conference 2019
Making museums’ “awesome stuff” more emotional 2019-06-24
At the 3rd International Conference on Audience Research and Development, the focus was on EMOTIONS in museums. What role do they play in visitor engagement? We all know that emotions drive actions and arousing them - whether positive or negative - is the best way to achieve lasting connections to learning experiences and generating memories.
» Making museums’ “awesome stuff” more emotional

Personal entrepreneurship
Opera singer career startup 2017-04-10
The traditional ways for a young opera singer to get a job have greatly changed, given the sheer number of graduates from music conservatories on the one hand and the decreasing numbers of opportunities to perform on the other. So how can young opera singers become increase their self management and self marketing?
» Opera singer career startup

Arts Management Webinar
Starting a career in opera 2017-04-03
You have just finished your vocal studies and are ready to take on the world and conquer the opera stages by storm. But as you know, it is not quite as easy as that. The ways for a young opera singer to get a job have greatly changed. For that reason, the first international edition of our Arts Management Webinar will show you how to you can give your opera career a startup kick using everything from online platforms to social media, competitions and good old personal contacts!
» Starting a career in opera

Conference report Communicating the Museum, Berlin 2016
Ample food for thought and action 2016-10-24
The Agenda company organised the Communicating the Museum conference on 12 - 15 July 2016 in Berlin, Germany. As is usual with these conferences, one of their main raison d'être - reasons for existing - is the opportunity to inform yourself about the latest developments in a wide ranging of topics - in this case arts communications and fundraising and to network with like-minded professionals. As such, CTM was able to provide the over 200 participants and 50 speakers from all over the world with plenty of opportunities to do so.
» Ample food for thought and action

Review International Artists Management Association Conference 2016
Shaking off the old ways of doing business 2016-05-25
The IAMA meetings twice a year are a firm date in many artist managers diaries. The first one of this year took place in Utrecht, Holland April 7-9, 2016, and attracted over 400 delegates with the motto "Shake it off". This could be interpreted in various ways - shake off the depressive mood that has become so prevalent when talking about classical music or shake off the old ways of doing business and take active steps in new directions. Both interpretations were equally valid within the context of the discussions.
» Shaking off the old ways of doing business

Review Culture Invest Congress 2014
Trends in European Funding and Sponsorship 2014-12-11
The Culture Invest Congress calls itself the "largest industry get-together for cultural institutions and culture investors". Well, with over 50 presenting partners, 100 presentations and 36 panel discussions, all crammed into 2 intensive days, it may very well be the largest in Europe. More than anything else, the congress was an opportunity, as usual, to network and find out who is doing what and how.
» Trends in European Funding and Sponsorship

Book review
Exporting Culture. Which role for Europe in a Global World? 2014-08-05
Is European culture visible enough in the globalized world? Why is culture from this continent often perceived as old-fashioned or even worse as out-dated? Is the export of national cultural products and services - in most European countries subsidized by the taxpayer - no longer relevant, or more relevant than ever before? Is it a huge waste of money, time, and effort or an attempt to create another form of globalization? These and several other questions concerning the export of culture are addressed by authors from different countries in order to initiate a debate about the role European cultural products and services are able to play globally.
» Exporting Culture. Which role for Europe in a Global World?
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