#askaconductor - the first #askthemusicians Twitter event

Have you ever wondered what a conductor really does? Or how she (thats right!) picks the music? This website offers fans and first-timers a 140-character backstage pass to the wonderful world of classical music.
#askaconductor is the first #askthemusicians Twitter event. On December 8, 2010, conductors from around the world will come together to engage with fans, first-timers and complete strangers.
It is an opportunity for classical music organizations (orchestras, opera companies, choruses, chamber groups, universities) and the conductors that lead them to connect to their community and share their stories, love and passion, one tweet at a time.

The concept is simple: conductors make some time available to answer questions; Twitter followers ask their burning questions, and the conductors answer the questions. All in one day.

More information: http://askthemusicians.com
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