YAJA - Young Art Journalism Awards

Winners 2016 & opening for entries 2017

YAJA is a project by Art News Portal to foster art journalism among journalism and creative art students worldwide. It gives students who found their love for journalism the opportunity to showcase their talent in capturing art and culture in a creative way.

YAJA Winners 2016

Winner: Guardians of the Hermitage, by Julia Shimf from St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia


Tickled: When the Funniest Hobby turns into your worst Nightmare, by Ambre Sachet, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Clothes, Cash, Conscious Consumption, by Madeleine Clarke, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Editors' Choice: Women in Ancient Times, by Melina Livermore, St. Lawrence College, Canada

People's Choice: "Fuck fear, Let's Dance": The fearless face behind the "design revolution" of Malaysia, by Abhinay Lakshman, University of Newcastle, Australia

Becoming part of YAJA 2017

YAJA is designed to offer students and fresh graduates media opportunities, industry mentoring, networking opportunities and a large audience reach as well as awards recognition. Entrants are encouraged to get in touch with the industry and to create a piece of compelling media about art and global culture. YAJA entirely focuses on undergraduate and postgraduate students who found their love for journalism, wanting to use this opportunity to impress future employers with a great piece of arts journalism.YAJA is independent and 100% self-funded, relying on sponsorships and donations.

Who can Enter?

  • YAJA is a Global Award.
  • Must be a current student or a fresh graduate from any recognised University
  • 2nd/+ year student or post graduate
  • Students who are documenting or storytelling. (E.g. Journalism, Filmmaker, Photographer, Arts)
  • Single students or Student Project Groups
  • Students can express their interest or check the Facebook Group YAJA Talk for upcoming media opportunities.
Why Enter?

YAJA is a great way to increase awareness and to showcase your talent. Discussions with students enrolled in Arts & Humanities, as well as with university professionals in Work Integrated Learning show that work experience opportunities are extremely hard to find. But starting a career with academic results only and no relevant work experience is almost impossible. Also, the media landscape is changing dramatically. Entering the YAJA, you receive a great opportunity to gain work experience while you study. Creating a compelling piece of Arts Journalism you are also in the competition to win the awards. Even if you dont win, youve shown leadership in preparing for your professional career. Adding this experience to your skills portfolio will - no doubt - impress future employers.

  • Open journalistic opportunities
  • Industry mentoring and experience
  • Reach an established audience
  • Discover your creativity
  • Meet exciting and influential people
  • Networking opportunities
  • Industry and Awards recognition
  • Opportunity to receive donations from sponsors
Entries must be in English and art, design or culture related.

Support YAJA

Crowdfunding Campaign

For anyone who believes that the future of journalism lies in the hands of internet savvy generations to come. Donations are crucial to spread the word about the YAJA and make sure it can offer maximum guidance, mentoring and support to students. YAJA is growing on an international scale and everybody can become part of it. Funds raised will be used for marketing activities, student support and prize money. The number one goal of YAJA is to be able to establish an ongoing event driven by the passionates and the idealists, the professionals in academia and arts, collaborating to support aspiring students in a sustainable way. With transparency across the entire planning process and open communication with those involved throughout, YAJA aims to provide a great experience for everyone participating.

Partner Universities

  • Coverage of University through entries from enrolled students
  • Recognition of excellence in tertiary education
  • Recognition for Awards partnership and academic leadership
  • Contribution to panel and judging process
  • Free advertising on Art News Portal.com
Industry partners

  • Offer industry guidance and mentoring to students
  • Be part of the YAJA judging panel
  • Collaborate with student on designated articles
  • Coverage through awards entries
  • Cross Promotion on Art News Portal and YAJA
Media partners

  • Guide and mentor students
  • Offer industry experience for students
  • Supply media opportunities for students
  • Be part of the YAJA judging panel
  • Cross Promotion on Art News Portal and YAJA
Awards Sponsor

  • For companies who believe that the future of journalism lies in the hands of Internet savvy generations to come.
  • Sponsorships and donations in kind are welcome
  • Listing as sponsor on ArtNewsPortal.com/YAJA
  • Listing as sponsor in all YAJA publications
  • Free promotions and advertising on ArtNewsPortal.com
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