The Impact of Service Elements on the Artistic Experience: The Case of Classical Music Concerts

The proposition is that arts marketing should be conceived of as a dedicated field of endeavour so that consumers immersion in the artistic experience occurs even in the case of a difficult art work.
The focus is artistic experience-related phenomena. The authors introduce the concept of appropriation and then develop an appropriation cycle construct. Empirical research comprises introspective reports on consumer attendance at classical music concerts. The results show that the artistic experience is predicated on multiple rather than one-time immersion, and that full immersion may never occur. The authors conclude that those service elements that affect the way in which consumers experience an arts event should be managed throughout the appropriation process.

More: http://www.hec.ca/ijam/724.htm

An article by Antonella Car, Bernard Cova, in: International Journal of Arts Management (Winter 2005)
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