Survey: Interactive and other innovative learning facilities & spaces in museums

The questionnaire deals with issues such as the process of creation of learning facilites & spaces and their integration into the museum, appropriate tools of interpretation and types of innovative learning elements, maintenance of learning spaces, evaluation, reasons for changes... Deadline is September the 21st.
Focus on innovative learning elements including examples of creating special learning facilities within exhibitions, as well as interactive learning spaces as separate spatial units, which should be collected and made available for museum staff all over Europe. Every innovative approach which contains the active involvement of museum visitors is of interest for this project.
Even if you are only considering the creation of minimal special learning facilities or interactive spaces in your museum, your feedback on your thinking would still be desirable.
The LEM working group "Museum as learning places learning spaces in museums" is also planning an online archive & photo gallery with best-practice models to be published on the LEM website; so the gratification for investing a few minutes to fill in the survey will be rewarding.
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