Open Content and the Music Industry

Turn on the television and switch to a music channel. All you will see are big superstars with new hits. Tune in to the radio and all you will hear are the same songs over and over again. The music you hear is all very much the same. What happened to creativity? It looks like new, innovative and creative music is not given a chance to flourish. There are however hundreds of thousands of musicians in this world who are bound to create beautiful new music. The majority of them might never be discovered. Whether it is because of the corporate control of the music industry, lack of money or other factors; these musicians should be given a chance to expose their music
How can Open Content contribute to the distribution and promotion of independent music through the Internet?

This question in turn raises other questions that need to be answered first. Is it really that hard for independent musicians to distribute or promote their music? What is the exact definition of Open Content and why is it necessary to use the Internet? It is therefore not only important to know what Open Content is and what it does, but also to find out more about copyright and how they relate to each other. The importance of Open Content in the context of independent artists exposure obligates us to further investigate the music industry and the means of music distribution. Effective distribution requires networks in one form or another; therefore it is necessary to gain an insight into these networks inner working and in particular the Internet. The answers to these questions will form arguments which will form the base for my final conclusion.

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Author: Marten Timan
Head of the Open Media Foundation
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