New trends in museology

New trends in museology - 36th ANNUAL ICOFOM SYMPOSIUM Paris, France, June 5 - 9, 2014
CALL FOR ABSTRACTS and PAPERS as prelude to presentation in Paris and/or publication in ISS 44
Submission of abstracts: December 16, 2013
Submission of full papers: April 27, 2014
ICOFOM, the International committee for Museology of ICOM (International Council of Museums), will organize its 36th symposium in Paris, France, where the latest developments in museology will be debated, from Thursday the 5th to Monday the 9th of June, 2014. The first three days will be dedicated to the presentation of papers on the theme New trends in museology.

The term museology specifies here a set of theories and critical reflections related to the museum field. The definition adopted by ICOFOM includes a number of different currents, sometimes divergent, but all connected to a specific relation that man feels with reality throughout the museum experience. Museology raises many sets of questions that are sometimes excluded and sometimes opposed to each other: pure theoretical reflection, social criticism, the history of the museum phenomenon, the emergence of the political character of museums, issues of gender or post-colonialism in museums, the influence of new technologies on the museumexperience, the museum as a device using the art of exhibiting, or a medium, the place of museology at the core of the academic world, movements for participation, the list is long. However, it can also be interesting to bring the questions together.

The world of museums has seen great developments during the last three decades. In recent years, following the outbreak of the economic crisis, we have observed different regions of the world and questioned the future of the institution, as many studies have shown. These studies aim to better comprehend the evolution of the museum institution in relation to the larger changes in society: in population, technology, methods of education, politics and the economy, and so on. Museological reflections follow these narratives, sometimes technical and practical, but founded, more frequently, on the way we conceive the basis of this institution and how it will evolve in the years to come. To state where we are today in this research when faced with analyses and developments, or even when investigating the new trends that have already appeared in the museum field: these are the objectives of this ICOFOM symposium which is being supported by different universities and organized by the Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, where this event will be held. The main goal of this international symposium is to start a common and cross - reflection (between disciplines, universities and professionals) on the evolution and diversity of museology, both at the levels of theoretical and epistemological reflection, and of concrete facts in the museum field. Researchers or museum professionals interested in this research project are invited to submit a proposal for a presentation at this symposium and/or for a paper (if not able to be present at this event).
Papers accepted after the double-blind peer-review evaluation will be for number 44 of ICOFOM Study Series (ISS), due to be published in June 2015. Organization of the symposium and themes for presentation and/or papers.

The mornings will be dedicated to panels with keynote speakers, and with researchers who have left a legacy in the area of museology in the last twenty years. The afternoons will allow for the presentation of papers selected by the scientific committee of the symposium, in working groups and round tables, that will be inscribed in the main theme New trends in museology.

The abstracts for presentations and / or papers will be accepted until 16th December, 2013 (inclusive).
They must be addressed to: icofomsymposium@gmail.com
They must include for each author (abstracts from multiple authors are equally welcome):
1) The number referring to the topic chosen;
2) One title and subtitle (eventually);
3) One abstract (2000 characters maximum, spaces included), including the main references;
4) First and last names of the authors;
5) The authors intention to present the work either as a presentation in Paris or only as a paper in ISS 44 (2014), if accepted;
6) The authors academic or museum status (PhD student, doctor, assistant professor, professor at a University, researcher, museum professional and in which field, conservation, restoration, mediation, etc.);
7) The authors institution(s) (University, Museum, Laboratory, Institution, etc.);
8) The authors e-mail(s);
9) The authors professional address and telephone number).

The organizing committee is responsible for:
- Receiving the abstracts.
- Respecting the double blind requirement of review
- Transmitting the abstracts anonymously to the symposium selection committee, which will proceed with the evaluation of all abstracts.
- Notifying the authors about to the decision of the selection committee before 20 January, 2014.

The researchers or professionals with accepted abstracts must send the complete paper (50.000 characters maximum, spaces included) before 27th April, 2014.

More information about the symposium and contact information can be found on: network.icom.museum/icofom/welcome/welcome-to-icofom/

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