IAMA Award and release of a new edition of Who Represents Whom

The 17th international conference of the International Artist Managers' Association took place in London from 12-14 April 2007 at the Royal College of Physicians. Attracting a record 410 registrations from 33 countries places, this meeting of artist managers, promoters, presenters, festivals, opera houses and orchestras makes it a priority event in the diaries of leading organisations and management companies.

At the Associations gala dinner held on Saturday 14th at the Plaisterers Hall, the IAMA award, which is only awarded occasionally, was dedicated to Reinhard Goebel who has spearheaded the significant rise of early music worldwide. His ensemble, Musica Antiqua Köln which was recently disbanded, was one of the most prolific and successful ensembles of its kind over its 30 year history. It also leads the way for many others to follow and further develop extraordinary repertoire we now have recorded today. As an artist, few know that when he sustained an injury which affected his playing of the violin and viola on the left hand side, he relearned the technique and played the instrument on the right. Such dedication is admirable and a lesson to all of us. Presenting the award was one of his past managers, Caroline Oakes who paid tribute to Reinhard.

He is unique determined to fight for what he believes is artistically appropriate, a musician with an inspired sense of performance and an unrivalled knowledge of Early Music, which he is now passing on to a younger generation of musicians Caroline Oakes, Clarion 7 Muses

The Conference also saw the release of the forth published edition of Classical Music Artists Who Represents Whom. Having been disbanded as a book in 2004 in favour of an on-line version, the demand was such that it is now offered on-line, as a downloadable PDF and once again as a book.

Its a professional publication that is indispensable to finding accurate information on artists representatives. The relationships are verified and most of the worlds leading companies and artists are listed. Andreas Braun, Konzertbüro Braun, Cologne.


Press release by the International Artist Managers' Association, London UK
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