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Fellowship programme

CrossCulture 2019

The CrossCulture programme by ifa - German Institut for International Relations enables young professionals and volunteers to work for two to three months in Germany (for non-German applicants only) or in one of the 35 participating countries (for German applicants only). Application deadline is December 21 2018.
The CrossCulture Programme is designed for people between 23 and 45 who are committed to improving society through their work in relevant organisations. With the CrossCulture Programme, ifa reinforces its commitment to the promotion of intercultural dialogue and exchange. Young professionals and committed volunteers from Germany and selected majority Muslim countries as well as Eastern Partnership countries and Russia are afforded the opportunity to gather professional expertise and intercultural experience through a professional fellowship in Germany. In the course of the programme, fellowship holders from abroad complete an eight to twelve week fellowship at an organisation in Germany. The participation in the CrossCulture Programme provides fellowship holders with the opportunity to establish personal and professional contacts and to familiarise themselves with the cultural specificities and work environment in Germany. Moreover, the CrossCulture Programme offers a platform for intercultural dialogue and exchange among fellows from different countries and regions. Fellowship holders are also invited to share their experiences with their professional networks and/or community in their home country in order to promote the building and maintenance of intercultural relations and cross-national networks.
The CCP fellowships last between eight and twelve weeks in the following terms:
  • Spring term: April to June 2019
  • Summer term: July to September 2019
  • Autumn term: October to December 2019
Since CCP fellowships are planned and organised individually for each candidate, the schedules differ regarding timing and duration. The exact dates within the three terms are coordinated in detail with the respective host organisation and the CCP fellow.
Who is eligible to apply for the CrossCulture Programme (CCP)?
Young professionals and long-term volunteers with at least two years of professional experience are eligible to apply for CCP. Applications by enrolled students cannot be considered. Professional experience is expected in the following fields of work:
  • politics & society
  • human rights & peace building
  • sustainable development
  • media & culture
A long-term involvement in an organisation or institution within the country of residency is assumed.
The participants come mainly from Muslim-majority countries (approximately 80% of all selected fellows) as well as from Germany. Participants who spend their fellowship time in Germany come from these countries:
Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan.
The opposite applies to German applicants. They can plan their stay for two to three months in one of the participating countries.
Applicants must be aged between 23 and 45 years. All candidates applying must be citizens of the above mentioned countries or should have been granted permanent residence of one of those countries. Moreover, the applicant must be in a good physical condition - physical as well as mental working capacity are needed for a long stay abroad. A good command of English is expected from all fellows. Knowledge of German is not mandatory but considered a plus. For German applicants knowledge of the lingua franca in the host country is welcomed (French, Arabic).
How do I apply?
Applications for CCP are to be submitted online via the application portal. The following required documents have to be uploaded:
  • letter of motivation (please use the template)
  • CV
  • recommendation letter by your current employer / home organisation (please use the template)
  • photo (optional)
More information can be found on the programme website (the ifa website is currently down).
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