Cultural Tourism - Economic Success at the Expense of Culture?

An article by Prof. Peter Bendixen, published in: The International Journal of Cultural Policy. Vol. 4 No. 1/1997, pp. 21 - 46

Cultural tourism as a type of organized touring to visit sites of cultural heritage, to take part in a cultural event or an artistic performance is booming. A tour may be a short trip to take part in a performance, for instance a weekend in Edinburgh or Salzburg at the festivals.
It may be a package tour of two weeks to visit the archaeological sites of ancient Greece or a sightseeing coach tour along the river Loire in France to see the historic castles. In any case, cultural experiences are the main motivation for travelling. The tour may be only part of a complete holiday programme, for instance a half day excursion from a holiday centre, or a travel exclusively focussed on cultural experiences for one's pleasure or education. No query, culture[1] and tourism have merged, to an increasing extent, into a kind of symbiotic relationship. Tourism serves culture in taking visitors to sites and venues of culture and arts, while culture serves tourism in offering attractive opportunities for cultural experiences and challenges to tourists for cultural discoveries.

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