Creating Online Exhibitions by Google Open Gallery

Museums, galleries as well as individual artists or collectors can from now on request an invite for free to use Google Open Gallery.The tool allows to upload content as imagages in very high resolution and add metadata. After uploading images, it is possible to create online exhibitions to tell stories around the content. Text, audio or video captions can be added to each item, as well as any Street View imagery available.

According to googles announcement on www.google.com/opengallery Google Open Gallery offers:

  • Very powerful zoom for high resolution images
  • Advanced search tool designed for cultural content: search across all content in the site per artist name, per medium, per year, etc., whether you have 30 or 30,000 items
  • Easy to use online exhibit creation tool, for storytelling around your content. You can add text, audio or video captions to each item, as well as Street View imagery
  • Publish everything on your current website or a new one, hosted by Google for free
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