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Call for Papers

Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research 2019

The Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research 2019 will be held at Bifröst University in Iceland during the 28th - 30th of August 2019. Deadline for submission is January 15, 2019.
The theme of NCCPR 2019 is Culture and the Periphery: Nordic Cultural Policy and its Margins, and focuses on cultural peripheries and questions concerning marginal culture, definitional boundaries of cultural policy research, and fringes in cultural politics.
Periphery is the outer limits or edge of a subject matter. It presupposes a center, of which the periphery is not a part but relates to it, and describes a marginal or secondary position of a group, subject, or sphere of activity. The “cultural” can thus be either central or peripheral, defined by convention, convenience and control, and in that context we ask: How does cultural policy relate to peripheral culture? What is peripheral to culture or the Nordic? What is peripheral to cultural policy? What is on the periphery of cultural policy research?
The NCCPR 2019 is an inclusive, multidisciplinary conference where practitioners and researchers address issues regarding Nordic cultural policy, from standpoints which are relevant both to academic research and to the cultural sector. The conference organizers invite papers variety of fields and practices provided that the contributions relate to cultural policy in the Nordic countries or Nordic cultural policy research. The conference provides spaces for parallel sessions with presentations in Scandinavian languages and English. Plenary sessions are held in English.
Topics of interest are, but are not limited to, the following cultural policy areas:
  • Access, participation, and audiences
  • Artist policy
  • Comparative cultural policy
  • Cultural and creative industries
  • Cultural economy
  • Cultural indicators and statistics
  • Cultural policy and changing artistic practices
  • Cultural policy and civil society
  • Cultural policy and cultural heritage
  • Cultural policy and diaspora
  • Cultural policy and digital culture
  • Cultural policy and identity
  • Cultural policy and intellectual property rights
  • Cultural policy and international relations
  • Cultural policy and language
  • Cultural policy and marginal cultures
  • Cultural policy and migration
  • Cultural policy and new technology
  • Cultural policy and regional development
  • Cultural policy and religion
  • Cultural policy and the Nordic Model
  • Cultural sustainability and climate change
  • Culture, gender and generations
  • Geography and cultural policy
  • Identity, diversity and citizenship
  • Institutionalisation/de-institutionalisation of cultural policy
  • Peripheral methods in cultural policy analysis
  • Regional Cultural Policy
  • Theory and history of cultural policy
The deadline for submission of abstracts to the NCCPR 2019 is January 15, 2019.
The conference webpage will be open for submissions of abstracts to January 15. Submit your abstract here.
The organizers can also be reached via e-mail on nccpr2019@bifrost.is.
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