The Creative City Network of Canada (CCNC) released a toolkit on public art today. The Public Art Toolkit was developed to assist local governments, arts, cultural and heritage organizations with the management of public art. The Toolkit is intended as a how-to guide when planning a public art program or evaluating an existing one, and contains resources for the management of public art projects.

From how to go about developing a program mission and operating principles to details about selection processes, the Toolkit covers all phases of completing a public art project. It also includes links to examples and resources from around the world, detailed case studies, images, and project examples of varying scales.

The approach used by the authors is to characterize the process as a series of dynamic relationships of production and reception involving different Points of View: the artist, the commissioning agency, and the publics who encounter the artwork.
Our hope is that this toolkit will inspire and assist in achieving excellence in all areas of your work, regardless of the scale of the projectin the artwork itself and the ways in which it is selected, produced and presented. CBH Consultants
From this valuable resource, communities will gain enhanced knowledge on planning and maintaining public art projects and programs, and will develop better capacity to deliver such projects and programs. The Public Art Toolkit is available as a free PDF download from creativecity.ca.
The Public Art Toolkit is a project of the Creative City Network of Canada and has been generously supported by 2010 Legacies Now and the Department of Canadian Heritage.
The Creative City Network of Canada is a national non-profit organization that operates as a knowledge-sharing, research, public education and professional development resource in the field of local cultural policy, planning and practice. Through its work, CCNC helps build the capacity of municipal professionals and by extension local governments to nurture and support cultural development in their communities.
Further information at the following link: www.creativecity.ca

Creative City Network of Canada
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