Berlin Startup Looks To The Crowd To Help Them "Build A New Web Experience"

Manuel Scheidegger and Janosch Asen are Berlin-based entrepreneurs who have developed a revolutionary technique that is changing the way people browse the web. Their recently developed tool allows people to creatively mix various web-sources into a single stream of animated content, which can then be shared with others to sit back and enjoy or actively browse. Viewers, for the first time, have the choice of leaning back and watching web-content mixed together like a movie, or they can dive inside and browse whatever catches their eye with a simple mouse-click. The two call this process "Creative Browsing". Their idea stems from a bold vision: a web rebuilt by people, where you dont surf with tabs or boring blue links, but through creative projects catered to your interests.
Manuel and Janosch, however, ran into a wall when looking for early-stage capital in Germany for their startup FarFromHomePage. Although many have deemed their prototype disruptive, the risk-averse German investors have explained they only want to fund a final product and unfortunately, today, FarFromHomePage only has an early prototype. But with the recent addition of an American to the team, the Berliners have come up with a creative solution: They are now heading to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to not only raise money, but also to find creative users for their tool. The founders explain, "Our tool was built for creative people, and Indiegogo is one of the only crowdfunding platforms where entrepreneurs and creatives meet to share their passions. Naturally, the team decided the people on Indiegogo were perfect to help them turn their prototype into a finished product.
We all build our own worlds in the web, but unlike the real world, online you cant grab anything and work with it. With the FarFromHomePage tool the worlds Internet users will, for the first time, be able to easily cut and edit any form of web-content. Its a tool that lets you remix your web, your way. We think of it as an iMovie meets a web-browser, explains Scheidegger. Today there are few tools that let creatives easily work with the immense material of the web. FarFromHomePage is not only trying to change this, but is also developing a more multidimensional web-experience with their tools browsing capabilities.
About FarFromHomePage:
FarFromHomePage is the first site for Creative Browsing. Build projects out of anything on the web! Then share them with others to lean back and enjoy or dive inside.
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