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SeriesOriginally non-English
How to build an independent art scene? For those directly involved in the Lubumbashi Biennial in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this is an urgent question that has clear social consequences. By investing in its own locality while forging its place in the world, the Biennial is leading the way.*
Sandra Coumans, 2018-10-22
SeriesCentral & South America
Lisa Harborth and Alexis Rojas talk about the arts sector in Guatemala and its mutual relationship with politics and society, the influence of the international art market on local artists and the personal purposes of his art.
Alexis Rojas, 2017-09-11
SeriesCentral & South America
Mexico Citys program Small Cultural Enterprises was started ten years ago to support local artists in building up their own enterprises. The program teaches general knowledge in arts management and supports artists in building up their own enterprises. Small Cultural Enterprises thereby compensates the lack of management education during artistic studies in university.
Marcela Jiménez López, 2017-06-12