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Category: Overview / Cultural Areas / Visual & Fine Arts
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Marketing and Buying Fine Art Online. A Right-Brained Guide to a Left-Brained Industry _POPULAR

AuthorMarques Vickers
ISBN: 0970653026
Description: Forget for a moment the traditional assumptions regarding the fine arts industry. The stereotyped mythology about artists, galleries and auction services are undergoing a substantial reexamination. The rules are changing, as are the rule makers. This is the visionary sequel to California figurative artist Marques Vickers' 2000 ground breaking publication "Selling Art On The Internet".
Written from the dual perspective of a professional visual artist and collector, Vickers commentary is oriented towards an emerging breed of Internet savvy artist entrepreneur and informed fine art buyer. Slicing through the traditional marketing and investment rhetoric of the art world, he illustrates present and future sales and buying trends and opportunities for both original and reproduction artwork.
"A Right Brained Guide" features over 1200+ website references in seventy-five categories making it an indispensable guide to understanding and maximizing Internet usage.
Among the referenced categories include artist and collector reference and research resources, website development services, direct mail sources, licensing outlets and agencies, consumer and business auction exchanges, barter outlets, domain name registration and reseller service, e-commerce services, search engines and indexes, online media publications, payment services, delivery, website hosting and troubleshooting services. legal and appraisal outlets, and virtual fine art marketplaces.
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