CfP: Creative Disruption in the Arts. Politics, Entrepreneurship, and Social Impact

The International Conference of Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STP&A) is an interdisciplinary gathering of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners that explores key trends, practices and policy issues affecting the arts around the world. It aims to foster a cross-cultural dialogue focusing on contemporary issues in arts and culture. The theme for the 2017 STP&A conference 2017 is built around the multiple disruptive roles of the arts in foreseeing and responding to political dysfunction, in fostering Schumpeterian entrepreneurial advancement, and in reflecting the need for and enabling the attainment of positive social change. Deadline for proposal submission is 15 May 2017.

STP&A is the oldest and one of the most influential academic gatherings of researchers and practitioners in the field of arts management and cultural policy. It is affiliated with the Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society (JAMLS).
Generally, conference participants are drawn from a broad range of disciplines including, but not limited to, political science, sociology, economics, law, arts management, arts education, art history, museum studies, cultural studies, education, and policy studies.
The conference will take place in Minneapolis, USA, October 12-14, 2017. The conference is affiliated with the Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society (JAMLS), which has been an authoritative peer-reviewed journal in the arts management and cultural policy for more than 40 years.
Central issues will be:
  • In these politically fraught times, artists and their supporters can speak truths that capture fears and hopes of a divided populace in innovative ways. How does the dawning era of “alternative facts” shift the role of the arts?
  • Cultural entrepreneurship has become a “thing” and we are interested in learning how and why the artistic component strengthens and shifts our broader cultural capital in the face of pervasive uncertainty.
  • We continue to explore how artists create social value in the moment, but we still have much to learn about the lasting influences of these change agents.

These are among the questions and issues implied by artistic disruption. We welcome proposals that address these as well as other topics:

  • Accessibility, social inclusion, cultural practices
  • Arts management, business models, strategic thinking
  • Cultural/creative industries, market structures, and public policies
  • Arts learning, training, and labor markets
  • Cultural economics and impact assessment
  • Cultural policy at all levels
  • Indigenous cultural practices
  • Art and cultural participation, marketing, audience development
  • Festivals and events
  • Heritage policy and administration
  • Community development
  • Popular and high culture
  • Society and evolving aesthetics

Proposal Submission Deadline: May 15, 2017

All further information in the conference can be found here

Management Topic: Education & Development
Cultural Area: Creative Industries
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Mar 24, 2017