CfA: ENCATC Journal of Cultural Management and Policy

The ENCATC Journal of Cultural Management and Policy is a annual publication with articles on cultural research, launched in October 2011. The objective of the Journal  is to stimulate the debate on the topics of cultural management and cultural policy among scholars, educators, policy makers and cultural managers. The Journal is based on a multidisciplinary perspective and aims at connecting theory and practice in the realm of the cultural sector. The ENCATC Journal of Cultural Management and Policy is overseen by an international editorial board of leading academics. The 7th Volume of the journal will be issued in December 2017. Application deadline is 15 March 2017.

Contributions are welcome from any relevant discipline, provided that they make an original academic contribution to the study of cultural management and policy. The received articles will go through a double-blind peer review process. After this, authors will be informed whether the article has been accepted or not. The editors reserve the right to first make a prior selection in case a large number of articles is received.

Submission guidelines 2017:

  • Articles may be submitted in English only. It is highly recommended that articles be professionally proof-read before being submitted. The editors reserve the right to reject an article if the English is not good enough.
  • No contribution will be accepted which has been published elsewhere, unless it is expressly invited or agreed by ENCATC. Articles and contributions accepted for publication become the copyright of the publisher unless otherwise stated.
  • Academic contributions should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words in length. (This word count does not include references).
  • All articles should be accompanied by up to five keywords and by a short abstract outlining the article’s aims, main conclusions, and, if applicable, the methodology used (up to 150 words).
  • Articles  should  be  accompanied  by a separate  Word  document  that  includes  a  short  (about 50 words) description of the author(s) and, if appropriate, the organization of which he or she is a member.
  • See the template for more instructions on how to present the article and guidelines to follow for texts, tables, images, footnotes, references, etc.

The ENCATC Journal of Cultural Management and Policy is an online open access publication. By submitting an article to this review process ENCATC gains the right to:

  • publish it in the Journal and circulate it among ENCATC members, stakeholders and the scientific community;
  • make appropriate changes related to correctness of grammar or spelling, or to ensure conformity to the Journal’s style;
  • make all final layout and design decisions for the Journal and the articles to assure visual coherence;

Authors’ whose work is published also agree to:

  • making all reasonable efforts to ensure the accurate reproduction of text, photographs and illustrations - ENCATC does not accept responsibility for mistakes, be they editorial or typographical, nor for consequences resulting from them;
  • ensuring that references to named people and/or organizations are accurate, non-discriminatory with regard to race or sex and without libelous implications;
  • opinions expressed in the ENCATC Journal of Cultural Management and Policy are solely those of the authors;
  • bear the responsibility for checking whether material submitted is subject to copyright or ownership rights (e.g., photographs, illustrations, trade literature and data) and will inform the publisher where use is so restricted.

Final articles are due on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017. Articles submitted after this deadline or those that do not follow the guidelines below will not be considered for publication in the ENCATC Journal. All articles must be submitted by email in Word format to Cristina Ortega, ENCATC Journal Editor-in-chief, at

Application deadline: 15 March 2017

Further information on the Association and the conference can be found here.

Management Topic: Organisation & Leadership
Cultural Area: Literature+Media
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Jan 31, 2017